Pizza Hut’s Romantic Gesture: Domino’s, McDonald’s and KFC’s Responses Do Not Disappoint

Pizza Huts romantic gesture

Love makes us do crazy things.

Especially in February, around Valentine’s Day, we feel inspired to make bold, romantic gestures, just like Pizza Hut Malaysia did!

A few days before February 14th, the company introduced a new product – Pizza Hearts! The same, insanely delicious taste, but in an adorable shape, ready to score you points for being romantic. These were a perfect way to get you out of trouble in case you had forgotten to plan a surprise for your better half on Valentine’s Day.

Pizza Heart Combo
Source: Johor Foodie

But Pizza Hut went out of their way to make this Valentine’s Day special. They made a bold move to show some love to their neighbors as well. What’s so special about that, you may wonder? Well, these weren’t just any neighbors – Pizza Hut made special deliveries to their competitors!

That’s right – Domino’s, McDonald’s, and KFC restaurants all received a cute, heart-shaped pizza from their rival, along with a sweet personalized note full of witty puns. Not to mention charming nicknames for each! Domino’s got a pizza without “hard fillings”, McDonald’s received a pizza that “everyone’s loving”, and the KFC got to enjoy a “Chizza” with chicken on top.

Pizza Heart Aloha Chicken
Source: Johor Foodie

According to Jean Ler, chief of the Pizza Hut Malaysia marketing department, this company respects their competition big time. They wanted to spread love and show that being rivals doesn’t mean they have to be enemies. Their surprise deliveries were supposed to be fun and make people smile. And they certainly did!

The responses Pizza Hut got from their rivals are proof that no one can stay immune to love! The saga continued with Domeeno’s, Mekdi’s, and Kepci’s priceless reactions to Pizza Hut’s heart-shaped gifts.

Domino’s decided to keep spreading the love with a huge billboard, wishing Pizza Hut a happy Valentine’s Day. But they also invited all the brave pizza lovers out there to declare their love notes the same way!

Although good food is an excellent way to win someone over, Mekdi and Kepci decided their hearts belonged to someone else. Both brands used social media to send a public message to their romantic competitor – you’re staying in the friend zone! But the notes were such an amusing response to Pizza Hut’s gesture that they certainly couldn’t get mad for being turned down!

Pizza Heart Beef Pepperoni
Source: Johor Foodie

McDonald’s published a photo featuring “friends fries” with a note saying that Pizza Hut shouldn’t try too “heart” because they want to stay friends, while a Pizza Hut restaurant is visible in the background.

KFC used social media to finally reveal their relationship status: always and forever in love with their 11 herbs and spices. Being already taken, they had no choice but to refuse Pizza Hut’s romantic proposal. But not the pizza, obviously.

Foodies all over Malaysia were absolutely delighted by this situation! What a nice way to show the world there’s healthy competition. And what’s the best period to do it if not during the month of love?

We do feel a bit sorry for Pizza Hut being alone on Valentine’s Day. It’s not you, it’s them! We wish you more luck next year!


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