Keep Your Hands Clean with the Help of This Brilliant Song Lyrics Generator

Keep Your Hands Clean with the Help of This Brilliant Song Lyrics Generator
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In case you haven’t heard – you’re supposed to be washing your hands regularly! Now, more than ever, due to the coronavirus outbreak. Especially after you’ve come in contact with other people. Oh, and keep touching your face to a minimum, too.

Granted, that can be hard to do. Before you were told not to touch your face, you probably didn’t realize that you pretty much do it all the time. But seriously, washing your hands is the first line of defense as soap kills the lipid barrier around the virus. And here’s the thing, washing your hands properly is essential.

Sing Your Way to Perfectly Clean Hands

The rule is that you should scrub for 20 seconds before rinsing. It doesn’t seem like a lot. But if you have to do it ten times a day, it can soon become a drag. There is a solution, however. Why not turn your hand-washing routine into a mini-musical performance? And before you start shaking your head in disbelief, how about singing “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift while you scrub?

A teenage developer from the UK has created a PSA generator that pairs the hand-washing instructions with your favorite lyrics. And in the process, become an Internet sensation. Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok users are loving this amazing tool that makes constant hand-washing so much more fun. All you have to do is visit, and type in your favorite song or artist. And voila, your hand-washing instruction poster is generated. You can even pick a poster with the soap or gel dispenser, how cool is that? You can then print the poster and hang it above your bathroom sink or take it to work with you. It’s sure to inspire people to wash their own hands regularly.

Counting 20 Seconds Is for Amateurs

Sure, you can always stick to singing Happy Birthday twice in a row if that gets you through the process. Or you can just set your timer for 20 seconds. But why not personalize your efforts in fighting off the virus?

Keeping your spirits high is just as important as keeping your hands clean. In that respect, the song lyric generator has endless possibilities. The only flaw is that it rarely gets to the chorus of any song. It sticks to the beginning. That’s just how it goes.

That said, some songs do have memorable intros, like “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor or “All Star” by Smash Mouth. Just look back on a particularly good karaoke moment and transform that memory into an epic tool for personal hygiene.

Turn It Into a Habit

Odds are, once you try this method, you won’t look back. But in all seriousness, washing your hands properly during the coronavirus scare is crucial. Therefore, you should be conscientious about it at all times. Keep in mind that your computer and the phone you’re holding now are probably not clean either, so why not wash your hands just in case. But before you do, be sure to find the perfect song lyrics to accompany you.


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