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7 Times “Crispy Rendang” Was Used To Up Malaysian Brands’ Marketing Game

Marketing Jokes About Masterchef Crispy Rendang

“Crispy Rendang” has caused quite a stir among Singaporeans, Malaysians and Indonesians. Seeing as this was a quite a hot topic, a few brands and establishments have jumped at the chance to create new marketing material to promote their products on social media.

KFC Malaysia wasted to time in jumping on the opportunity to promote their crispy fried chicken.

The cheeky post was posted not long after Dr Mahathir tweeted, “Maybe you are confusing chicken rendang with KFC,” in response to MasterChef UK judges’ comments.

KFC wasn’t the only ones promoting their crispy chicken.  TGV Cinemas also jumped on the band wagon with their “crispy” popcorn chicken ad.

The caption bites back at Wallace’s criticism – Rendang isn’t supposed to be “crispy”.

MAS also took the chance to promote their in-flight “real” Rendang dish.


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