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12 Yummy Snacks From Thailand’s 7-Eleven That Makes Singaporeans Drool

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It’s not only Thailand’s street food that’s delicious, snacks found in their convenience stores are equally tantalising! Some of these snacks are so interesting, you’d wish you can find them in Singapore’s 7-Eleven stores too.

1. Delicious Grilled Sandwiches

Source: livelessordinary

You get to choose from ham and cheese to pork cutlet and even chocolate spread options! If only we could just grab a grilled sandwich off the shelf in Singapore.

2.  Amazing Pre-Packed Meals

Source: Youtube | Cyberboy_no

This isn’t really a snack but it’s better than a snack! Enjoy a satisfying lunch or dinner with these pre-packed meals sold on shelves. From Thai basil chicken with rice to green curry and even tom yum, there are lots to choose from!

3. XL Sized Chilled Drink

Source: NewsOK

Why stop at an L drink when you can choose XL?

4. Wide Range Of Tao Kae Noi Flavours

Source: algae world news

Every seaweed snack lover will be thrilled to know that you can choose from a range of Tao Kae Noi seaweed flavours in Thailand’s convenience shops. You can even choose from different sizes!


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